Friday, October 26, 2012

Holyoak Children

First, a note from the photographer: I am posting this session now, ahead of at least 40 others, for two reasons. 1. They are adorable. Which all of my photos are. I mean come on, let's be real here, they are of people and people are adorable. 2nd and more importantly, 
I can't resist the opportunity to entice my sister Jen with photos of her off-spring.
It's so much more fun this way and I never seem to manage to post a blog BEFORE delivering the goods to a client. But this is my sister. She’ll forgive me when she sees them all. Right Jen? 
Don't worry it's only for a few hours. (Maniacal laugh)





1 comment:

  1. NO words! Ok maybe one - LOVE! You captured them so beautifully! Thank-you so much Ging - love them. I can't wait to have them in my hands! love you!