Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Winner is...

Someone told me it takes about 7 years to really get off the ground with this business. Patience Ginger, patience.  Last year I had my first contest and 14 responses, this year, my second contest hit 42!!  Three cheers for progress. Thank you to each of you who entered my contest and by doing so shared my business.  After an official drawing wherein Mr. L pulled a name out of a box, we have a winner. Congratulations Gloria P. Call me and I will give you all of the details. 
As a thank you to each of those who entered I am offering 20% any photo package. This is only for anyone who shared, liked or commented on the contest links. 
Call me for details 801-492-4775

Here's Mr L. Doesn't he look trust-worthy? This is his formal photo. Me like

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stevenson Children & My Contest Extended

Last week I had surgery on both eyes. Lots of  intricate work by the talented Dr Todd Cook and some ugliness on my part.Eyes just aren't pretty after surgery. This has increased my appreciation for my vison 10-fold. I wish my vision would increase that much! I have often thought that it would be the most difficult of the senses for me to loose. I am a very visual person and like my mother I am inspired and moved by beauty. So glad to have had those little "growths" removed.  Since I wear contacts but can't, and the vision in my left eye is till blurred,  I am still not to be trusted behind the wheel or the lens. That won't last forever though, so I hope you will take a minute and enter my contest to win a photo package. I have decided to extend the contest until the 20th of February. This will give  you more opportunities to share what you see and increase your chances of winning something great. It gets better the more people who enter. 

Read the rules HERE