Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tomco Children & A Give Away

It is a little too quiet in here. 

I am to blame.   My blog may or may have not been sort of abandoned for a higher purpose, or two. The higher purpose(s) of which I speak without question pertain to my  more essential jobs, namely, mother and photographer.
I am sorry. 

I would really like to hear your voices again. Please. 

Like any clever mother I have decided to give someone a reward for good behavior. But there's more, this PRIZE will get better, the more people who participate. I will start with a 15 minute photo session  for 1 and move all the way up to a full hour for up to 6 people. This contest starts today and ends Feb 12th. The more people who participate the bigger the prize gets. 
Rule # 1: Sharing is good
Rule #2 Keep doing your homework

Every time you do one of the following you get an entry.
 No kidding.

1. Comment on this blog
2. Like my business page on Facebook
3. Share my blog or Ginger Snaps business page on Facebook.

Each time you do one of these things- you get another entry.

And the First Person to comment on this blog EACH time it changes gets 2 Entries.

Okay, start talking....

Winner will be announced Feb 14th-With Love!!

Tomco Children
They are in-fact as sweet as the photos suggest. You might need a drink of water to wash it all down.

And they lived happily ever after. The END


  1. Am I first commenter?!!! :)
    Beautiful light on those children's faces.

  2. Love these, especially the first one, the lighting and the love of these two sisters, awww! you do such beautiful work.

  3. Tomco kids are so fun. You captured it!

  4. What a worthy goal--creating memories! You do it so well!

  5. Yeah, my mom is a pretty darn good photographer :)