Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oliver Family & The Giveaway Continues...

 This was a truly amazing photo session. Shot entirely in the client's home within 2 weeks of their son's birth. I was there for a full 2 hours which allowed for every stage from sleep to hunger and all that lay in-between. Clearly this family was and is in love with their newest addition. I captured some very intimate moments and was honored to be a part of each one. It was such a treat to celebrate his birth with his entire family. 
It has been nearly a year since these were taken, soon he will be one and I am certain his parents will cherish these forever.

Baby Love

Brotherly Love

 Family Love

Sisterly Love

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Which is your favorite and why? Or any other little thing you would like to share, except for a recipe for Tuna Casserole. I think that would be totally useless.


  1. Ginger, come on, how do you take such great pictures? I'm "aw"ing over here because

    1. I miss the Oliver family
    2. They are just sweet, beautiful children.

  2. I was trying to pick a favorite but couldn't. those are such precious moments captured. These will truly be a treasure for this family forever :-)

  3. Beautiful baby--beautiful family.