Monday, September 19, 2011


I know some of you are waiting. I have about 6 photo shoots to edit & post. I have a thing about doing my best. And, well it goes a bit too far with photography. I have a tremendous amount to learn and I am quite frankly impatient with my learning curve. 
I know what I want to do- but can't quite get there. Yet.
It feels too slow. Too frustrating, and oh so limited. 
But sometimes, my camera and my brain work together and "poof" Wish Granted. 
My niece Emmy is round and robust. She really prefers to be held at all times. She would much rather be snuggled in your arms with her head against your chest. She chews, and chews her hands. Oh, and she drools. For most of her mother's pregnancy we prayed more than usual. And then she was born and we prayed a whole lot more. And after more than a few miracles granted we prayed again, to say "thank you".
She is positively perfect. That is what was going through my head when I did her photo shoot. Perfect. Perfect eyes. Perfect nose,hands and feet. Perfect little tummy. Perfect little heart. I wanted to capture every nuance of her perfect little body. Wish granted. I have an entire post dedicated to her and her two older siblings, and the afternoon we spent together. 
For now, here is a Glimpse.


  1. Seriously, as if i wasn't already baby hungry! Can't wait to see the rest!

  2. beautiful. simply beautiful. This is probably my absolute favorite shot of all of yours. It is gorgeous!