Thursday, January 26, 2012


So it's been a while. I've been busy. I've neglected my blog, again.  I have been working. Thousands of portraits have been taken. Mostly children and bread and a few vegetables. Yes, I did say bread and vegetables. I was hired this winter to photograph for TWO books in publication The first is all about Winter Gardening from the man who brought you The Forgotten Skills of Self-Sufficiency used by the Mormon Pioneers. The  second is a book/cookbook about baking with pioneer yeast .  It's going to be fabulous. I have seen & tasted much of it's contents. It was a fun adventure for me and a step outside of my comfort zone. I took over 6,000 photos for it. I have learned a thing or two about food styling.  I just saw the prototype for the cover and I smiled a big satisfied smile. These are my first & second ever "featured in a book".  We do hope to keep that trend going in the family. When the publishing date draws a little nearer I will post a link so you can find out how and where to buy.  As a new year begins I look forward to another year of stepping outside of my comfort zone. There are races to be run, books to be read, rooms to paint, creations not yet created, people who need more love and photos that you and I will cherish. Let's celebrate the possibilities together.
AND a 1st Anniversary Special.
Now through the end of February save 20% off my regular hourly rate. Refer three friends and when they complete their bookings you will receive a FREE one hour photo shoot for you and up to 6 people. 

 And in honor of Valentines I'd like to pay special homage the writer who lives in my basement and makes the best omelettes around. For the past month he has pretty much kept this house running while holding down the equivalent of 3 jobs. We need to get a photo-shoot scheduled BEFORE your publisher asks for it. In the meantime this one (which I quite love) captured you quite perfectly.

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  1. Adorable photo of your basement dweller! Great work on the food photography and well just all of it!