Thursday, March 1, 2012

Utah Business Experts w/Darin Adams Photos

This week I stepped outside of my "Photography" comfort zone. Again. 
I recently did all of the photos and quite a bit of food styling for two different books  being released this year. I was nervous. I spent  over 17 hours taking pictures of peas poking up from under snow, tomatoes kale & lettuce thriving in December, cakes, rolls, bread, waffles and a plethora of other such delicacies made  with pioneer yeast. I gained some critical experience, made two new friends and found out that I wasn't half bad. Maybe half good though.

A few weeks ago a good friend asked me if I could photograph an event for The Utah Business Experts.  I was nervous again. But, I know how you get good at what you love. So off I went into the outer provinces of my comfort zone. 

 I know  her!!  (Please say this in your head like Will Ferrell did in ELF. Thank you) This is Stephanie Davidson and she is the event planner for The Utah Business Experts. She got a "yes" reply from the happy guy on the right. He would be giving the keynote address.  Maybe you recognize him as Darin Adams the co-host from KSL Studio 5. This made me slightly more nervous than I already was. Slightly.

So we met at the headquarters for Utah Corporate Alliance. Nice building. Full of cushy chairs and bowls of miniature candy bars. I was starting to feel like myself again.

This  is Jennifer Harmon. She heads The Utah Business Experts. She is personable, knowledgable, and SPUNK-Y all wrapped up in a bright-eyed little package. So glad we met.

We heard from Jon Davidson on the 5 Steps to Creative PR. This guy can deliver. It was very informative and fun to listen and learn from him. He complained to me beforehand that he didn't have many photos of himself delivering a speech. I will correct that for you Mr Davidson.....(here's a few)

We then heard from "Mr. Passionate" aka Darin Adams. Passion was in-fact his topic and he was qualified to speak on the subject. I found out one of his passions is getting a good deal. Really, really passionate. I was captivated by his whit, his charm, his charisma and his ability to project himself to the immediate audience and anyone else in a 3 block radius. I haven't smiled this much at someone yelling since I last watched The Music Man. Which reminds me, he also sings. (I recorded him myself but I don't want to be sued). I was mesmerized. I think I drooled on my shirt a little. Here's a handful of the photos I took- they speak for themselves. 

Afterwards people lined-up for the opportunity to do a little PR with Mr Adams and of course for some photo ops. This is where I came in. He left his business cards in his car, so guess whose business cards became his? I had to tease him for that. Gee I hope people will flip them over. I'd hate to have them miss out ...on having Darin's info.  

The total experience was worth spending the day. 

Parting Shot 
At my Mother's urging because we both look ridiculous but only ONE of us was trying to be. Ehem.

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  1. This is awesome!!! Great photos, and looks like you had a fantastic time.