Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby Roman

I had the luxury of spending 3 hours capturing Roman, AKA: Batman 
(He likes the song, the cape and the title. Already!)  
As a result the finished product has sleeping, cooing, crying, kissing, spitting-up (a lot), and more than a few handfuls of his mother's beautiful blonde hair(See that first photo). Babies are my favorite. Well, and kids. And people in love. I guess people are my favorite then. 
Unless they are angry or irritated- I don't love those photo shoots. 
But babies,.. oh I swoon -even if they are angry or irritated.

In honor of this my love of babies I am offering my FIRST EVER contest. The winner will receive a 30 minute photo session for one, with the very best 10 images and the rights to those images on a disc. The winner must live in or be able to travel to American Fork, UT. This item may be gifted. It is valued at $100. Here is what you need to do. 
1. Comment BELOW on which Baby Roman photo is your favorite and why.
2. Like my business page on Facebook. If you already have you are one step closer...
3. Share the link  on your Facebook page to this contest.
The winner will be chosen randomly on April 5th. Good luck









  1. OHHH I can't pick just one - great work Ging! I'm pretty in love with your tiny subject and his beautiful momma!

  2. Number 5 is too, too precious. That's my vote.

  3. Although I absolutely love #5 I have to vote for #7. The calm and peaceful security a baby has in the shadow of a loving mother is one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed. Since our own experience with that has been gone for over 11 years I appreciate you capturing it with Becca and babe.

  4. I love # 5 with the cute baby smile.

  5. 5. no contest. That face is perfection!!

  6. OH MY! Number 5! (love, Mary Webb)

  7. My favorite is #3, oh my lips, so kissable. But I love the lighting and that you captured this darling shot, I love the close up, so cute.

  8. I shared it on FB. If I win I want to gift it to my brother in Provo :) Love you my talented amazing friend!!

  9. I love number 5 :) So sweet! He's such a cute baby

  10. Found your site BC one of my friends posted a link on their Facebook. Number 4 I adore those chubby cheeks and pouty lips. Great photos!

  11. Love #6. It's my favorite view of a baby. And, I liked and linked!

  12. I love them all very much. I see that number 5 alot in person he is such a smiler I also love number ones juicy lips and number 7 with his loving mommy